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pond venting

Pond Lining Sytems now recommends to all customers that they VENT all lined effluent ponds.

How does Venting work?

Underground gases (mainly air, methane and carbon dioxide) can be blocked on their way up by the pond linings. These gases originate from the decomposition of organic matter or following the rise in the water table. Drainage under the lining, as well as a blow off device, is then needed to remove the gases. Our Solpac device is specifically designed to allow the blow off of gases drained under geomembrane liners, by preventing penetration of meteoric water and any intrusion of small animals. There is one type of vent per type of geomembrane.


Damaged pond liners.
Wavin venting system.
Venting caps.
Gas filled pond lining gives the lunar look
Installing a venting system
Pond vents for peace of mind (& wallet)


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