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underlays: geotextile

GEOTEXTILE is a mechanically nonwoven, white material produced entirely from circular cross-section, continuous filament, synthetic fibre, specially developed as a construction material for building and civil engineering. High quality synthetic fibres, such as polyproplene (FPP), polyester (FS) are used as raw material.

As the use of geotextile fabrics has expanded, more composites have been introduced allowing the development of products like geogrids and meshes. These various configurations each yield their own associated benefits in geotechnical and engineering design. This means that geotextiles can be used in a wide range of civil engineering applications like airfields, canals, dams, embankments, railroads, reservoirs, retaining walls and roads.

As geotextiles are environmentally friendly, the product has been used for environmental protection on banks or to improve soil strength and enhance the aesthetic appeal when planted with vegetation.


Underlay being put down ready for the rubber liner.Product: Industrially made by forming a layer of fibres to obtain the adequate weight, the adhesion is made by a mechanical system, which compacts and interlaces the fibres in a needle punch process and a low temperature posterior thermo-fixing.

Subtrate: The substances must be clean, exempt from loose stones. If application is for anti puncture purposes select a version with a high punching resistance, and breaking distortion. Therefore the preparation of the area, as shown in the photo, is a very important part of the success of the pond lining sytem


GEOTEXTILES are suitable for a large number of applications, but in our field, normally, we use them as a protection for waterproofing rubber underlays. In the photo to the right the underlay is being laid and seamed by qualified contrators.

It is also possible to use them like a vapour barrier, in rooves and also in walls as a drain layer. In civil engineering, in ponds, reservoir canals, etc. Principally we use them like an anti-pushing material.

Roll Size

6m x 100m rolls.