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EPDM Rubber Pond Liners
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rubber pond liners - epdm

EPDM Pond Liner.EPDM liners combine strength and durability with flexibility and allow for choice of shape and design. Installation is easy and affordable and the liners are safe for fish ponds and plant life. Pond Lining Systems Ltd uses EPDM liners that are 1.2mm thick. These liners can be used for numerous applications both in commercial operations and for domestic usage. See more uses and applications here

Commercial Use

The commercial use of our EPDM pond liners is only contained by your imagination as our liners are used for dairy effluent ponds, rural irrigation dams, stock water, safety water and storage water reservoirs, in landscaping features like ponds on a golf course, or at the base of a waterfall, in public parks and gardens, schools, landfills,  water canals, as well as for under ground foundation protection, in man made lakes, and basements. The uses don't stop there with industrial sites utilizing our rubber liners to protect their machinery surrounds and underground tanks that are prone to degradation.

Residential Use

Visit our Recent Projects page to see examples of our pond liners at work.

Our EPDM Liners are also the ideal solution to water features that you may be creating around the home, for use in reflecting ponds, garden ponds, landscaping features and other residential applications.

EPDM Pond Liner Uses

Water Storage
Portable Water Reservoirs
Irrigation Dams
Canal Liners
Floating Covers
Baffle Curtains
Tank Liners
Farming & Viticulture
Irrigation Ponds
Frost Protection
Effluent Storage Ponds
Hydroponics on Farm Scale
Sewerage Settling Ponds
Aeration Lagoons
Anaerobic Ponds
Evaporation Ponds
Wave Bands - Erosion Control
Sludge Drying Beds
Fire Protection Reservoirs
Timber Mills
MDF Plants

Fish Hatchery Ponds
Stormwater Systems
Stormwater Retention
Silt traps
Parks and Reserves Pond
Recreational Lakes
Golf Ponds
Amusement Parks
Construction Uses
Foundation Liners
Seepage Control
Tunnel Waterproofing
Landscaping Uses & Beautification Projects
Water Features
Water Gardens
Decorative Lakes
Erosion Control
Root Barrier
Solid Waste Management
Landfill Caps
Transportation Industry
Bladder Tanks
  Mining Ponds
Leach Pads
Tailing Dams
Evaporation Ponds
Brine Storage Ponds

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