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Pond Lining Systems Ltd supply and install rubber pond liners (EPDM rolls). We pride ourselves on sourcing the best materials available and providing the best water control system for your particular application.

Our skills and experience allows Pond Lining Systems to work with project managers, engineers, construction companies, specialised installers and developers from the earliest stages of a project right though to the completion. Pond Lining Systems is very conscious of the confidence each one of these companies and professionals places in us and we know how important their professional reputation is. We promise to maintain it, guaranteeing complete impermeability where our waterproofing systems are used.

As such we have a number of requirements that we suggest potential clients read thoroughly so that they can understand what part of the process is directly attributed to Pond Lining Systems Ltd. We do welcome any enquiries so that we can help you through the process of developing your pond area whether commercial or residential.

Please read the following paragraphs.

Dimensions of EPDM rolls available

  • Thickness: 1.14mm
  • Roll length: Standard roll 30.5m
  • Roll widths: 3m / 6m / 9m / 15m

Required Subgrade Preparation

The Construction Contractor shall prepare the subgrade on which the liner is to be placed.

The Liner Contractor shall not place the Liner until the surfaces are smooth, graded to the reduced levels, free from rocks, loose soil, stones, sticks, roots, sharp objects or debris of any kind larger than 10mm in diameter. The surface shall be free of any soft spots or ruts.

The Liner Contractor will arrange a joint inspection of the subgrade prior to lining and all parties will agree that preparation is suitable to receive the the liner before it is laid. The Liner Contractor shall certify his agreement verbally that the surface on which the liner is to be laid is acceptable before commencing work.

The Construction Contractor shall prepare the liner anchor trench to a minimum depth and width of 550mm one metre from the edge of the pond. The liner shall not be placed in the trench until the surfaces are smooth, graded to the reduced levels and free of all loose debris and free of water of any depth. The trench will be back filled and rolled by the construction contractor after completion of laying the pond liner.

Climatic Conditions

The Liner contractor shall investigate and satisy Him / Herself of the climate conditions likely to be experienced during the laying period and shall make due allowances for such conditions.

Laying the Liner

The Liner will be installed by the manufacturer's approved installer, using the manufacturer's approved equipment and methodology of installation.

All supervisirs overseeing the liner installation shall have liner supervision installation under New Zealand conditions.

The Liner contractor shall ebsure that at the end of each day all EPDM that has been laid is securely anchored against wind and thermal creep.

Extreme care will be taken in the preparation of the areas joined. the areas to be joined shall be cleaned, dried and prepared according to the procedures laid down by the material manufacturer. Overlapping distances shall be those specified by the manufacturer.

Stock Proof Fence

It is recommended to fence the perimeter of the pond with astock proof fence as there is no warranty on damage to the liner caused by the stock.

Manufacturers Warranty 20 years

You will be provided with a 20 year manufacturer's warranty. this warranty is an enforceable written gaurantee at the time of construction that the Liner material will last for a minimum of 20 years design life under New Zealand conditions.

Installation Warranty 5 years

The Liner Installation Contractor shall provide an enforceable written guarantee that the installation of the liner is covered against faulty workmanship for a period of five years.

» It is vital to consult with us before site works commenceCorrect planning of the size, shape, depth, batterns etc before excavation begins, will ensure optimum efficiency from the roll sizes available, thereby keeping costs down by avoiding wastage.

Geotextile Underlay

A Geotextile is laid between the soil subtrate and the EPDM membrane for added protection against sharp objects. Geotextiles are permeable fabrics, which, when used in association with soil have the ability to separate, filter, reinforce, protect or drain. We use aNon Woven, Polyester, Needle Punched 200GSM (to forma strong fabric that retains it's dimensioanl stability) Geotextile which is stronger as thickness increases, highly permeable, and able to stretch and take the shape of the adjacent surface.

Commencement Date

The commencement date is to be agreed upon by the client and Pond Lining Systems Ltd.

Client Responsibilities

Completion of backfilling anchor trenches. An excavator or similar (tractor with front end loader) will be required on site to move liner rolls into position. Drum or similar to burn rubbish.


Price includes:EPDM Rubber Liner, Splice Tape, Battern Cover Strip, Glue, Geotextile Fabric with Pegs, Freight to Farm Gate, Vehicle Expenses, Accommodation and Meals (if applicable), Installation.

Measuring a Pond

The measurement is calculated on what size and how many rolls are needed to complete the job allowing two metres on each side for the anchor trenches and 5% for overlapping.