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Pond Lining Sytems does the whole job properly for you including installing leak detection systems, safety rope systems and pond fencing.

Leak Detection

Leaks can occur because of incorrect installation, or more often because of interference after installation by things like mechanical stirrers, stock and other tradesmen. Because of this we recommend installing a leak deteection system during initila construction.

To install a leak detection system we create a network of perforated pipes installed under the membrane and underliner. These water collecting pipes then join to a central trunk line which then flows to a common collection point/well, also known as a "witness well". This pipe network will then drain any water under the membrane, whether natural ground water or leaking water/effluent and channel it to the witness well. Once installed it is then very simple to inspect and sample the water being drained into the witness well, and determine if effluent is leaking from the pond.

Pond Leak Detection Systems      Dairy pond leak detection systems.

Safety Rope Systems

Installing an escape system using safety ropes is fully recommended. These systems rise and lower with the pond depth and allow escape from anywhere in the pond, something that could be essential on "one of those days". Contact us to enquire now.

Pond Escape Rope Safety Systems      Pond Escape Rope Safety Systems.

Pond Fencing

Don't forget that the first safety measure is fencing around the pond to keep stock (and little people out). You may also want to improve the aesthetics of your effluent pond. Contact us for options

Pond Fences.